Fundatica-how much you know about Romania’s most beautiful village?

I discovered Fundatica last summer and got charmed immediately by its beauty. Life in the mountains has a different rhythm. There is no rush, no disturbing noises and more peace. If things would continue the way they are and I would have to work from home indefinitely, I was already planning to move there. That’s how fast I fell in love with the place. I believe anyone with a love for untamed nature and secluded natural villages would have felt the same.

Although Romania is home to places like the Fundatica village, internationally, the country is famous mainly for its links to Dracula and Transylvania. Don’t get me wrong, the region of Transylvania is indeed stunning. It is surrounded by the Carpathian mountains as they cover most of the Romanian territory. And has that mystical aura due to its breath-taking medieval castles and cities, the culture mix and amazing landscapes.

The same goes with Dracula being associated with the country. The Hollywood figure of a bloodthirsty vampire helped Romania greatly in becoming a hot spot for foreign tourists. Although it still amuses me that tourists never actually visit Dracula’s real castle. Nonetheless, I’m glad the country is performing rather well in the international tourism arena.

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Where is the Fundatica Village?

There are so many places both foreigners and locals can visit within the county of Brasov. However, this post is about one place that started gaining popularity among Romanians some years ago. I am talking about the commune of Fundata, and more specifically the village of Fundatica. An interesting fact about Fundata is that it is the highest commune in Romania. It is composed of three villages: Fundata, Fundatica, and Sirnea. The commune of Fundata is 42 km away from Brasov and is a border region due to its proximity to Arges and Brasov counties.

Bellow is a google map with the commune of Fundata highlighted in yellow.


To reach Fundatica you need to get on DN73. In Romanian, DN stands for national road. On google maps, DN73 is also called Culoarul Rucar-Bran. Make sure you keep driving on DN73 until you get closer to Brasov. You won’t reach Brasov though, because you need to turn right and exit DN73 before that, just as the map below suggests.

Once you exit DN73, you have 2 options. You either continue on DJ730A and complete half of the loop as the picture suggests. Or once you exit DN73 you turn right and continue until you reach Fundatica, as the picture above suggests. It looks like either of the 2 options you choose, there will be a portion of the road that’s a countryside road. So my advice is to get a car you can drive off-road too. As Fundatica is quite secluded, a private car is the best way to get there.

To make things clearer, DJ730A is a lower traffic road than DN73. The acronym DJ stands for county road.

The village of Fundatica is perfect for those looking to escape the busy city life (even for a few days). It offers countless possibilities of hiking trails (if you are that type of person), and it is not far away from the city of Brasov (if you are more of a party animal). I personally prefer Fundatica for the tranquillity and fresh air of the region. However, this is a matter of personal taste as I prefer pristine places over crazy night parties.

What is there to do?

As the region grew in popularity over the years, more holiday houses have been built in the area. You can book most of them here. The last time I looked it up, Airbnb also offered quite a generous list of properties to rent in the region as well.

In terms of activities, you can go hiking and explore the village. Beware of shepherd dogs as some locals still have sheep, and they do let the dogs walk freely. Also pay attention at bears. Do not venture into the forest too much unless you are with someone who knows the place well. Wild animals are still a common thing in Romanian forests. However, you are more than fine in the village. I spent a whole afternoon walking around, and I was perfectly safe.

View of the Fundatica Village-Romania

Apart from walks, you can enjoy local produce. Many villagers sell local cheese (which tastes amazingly good btw) and all kinds of syrups, honey and berries. Make sure you have some cash on you as you won’t be able to pay by card. Although Romania is a member of the European Union, the country still has its own currency. So have Romanian money (Lei) on you.

If you run out of ideas, you can also check out the Tree Adventure Park Fundățica. It’s an adventure park located right in the village. I went there, but at the time it was close due to covid19. So better check their Facebook page first to avoid any disappointments.

Although the village of Fundatica offers some activities, people come here primarily to switch off. The village is perfect for a nature retreat experience and some me-time. The village of Fundatica proved to be so charming that I will definitely return to experience more of its peaceful beauty. This being said, hopefully, you’ll look up Fundatica next time you visit Romania.
Fundatica Village on a rainy day

How many of you knew of Fundatica before reading this post? Would you like to visit the village?

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